Five things parents should know about Gonski funding

1  What is Gonski anyway?

The Gonski Review was led by respected business leader David Gonski and a panel of experts.

It found that Australia is investing too little in public schools, and that the money was being distributed inefficiently and unfairly.

The review recommended big changes to the way we fund schools – called the Gonski model. For the first time under Gonski, all schools, whether public, private or independent would be funded on the basis of need.

Back in 2013 both major political parties agreed that this kind of needs-based funding was right for our schools and right for our nation.

2  Why do we need Gonski funding?

There are growing gaps in student achievement.

Students in disadvantaged areas are up to three years behind their peers who live in wealthy areas.

One in four students does not have the right reading skills they need for secondary school.

One in seven 15 year old students does not have basic reading skills – the kind they will need to get a job, keep a job and lead a successful life.

They deserve the chance to get a great quality education.

3  Is Gonski working?

Yes. Kids are doing better in schools where Gonski money has been allocated according to need.

Schools are doing amazing things with Gonski funding.

- Cutting class sizes
- Expanding literacy and numeracy programs
- Employing extra staff for students with learning difficulties
- Bringing in specialist help for children who need it
- Building teachers skills with extra training

There is so much more that can be done if Gonski is fully funded.

4  Our children’s future is at stake

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to stop Gonski funding after 2017 and go back to the drawing board despite all the evidence that it’s changing kids’ lives. Even the Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham has said Gonski funding is doing great things. So why stop now?

Getting the right resources into schools is something all politicians should agree on.

David Gonski warned that it was urgent that we fix the problems with the way our schools are funded. “Australia will only slip further behind unless, as a nation, we act and act now."

5  We can change this

If enough people make their voice heard we can get stop the cuts to Gonski.

Help us secure this vital funding by registering your support.

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