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Struggling kids lose if Gonski goes

LeFevre2_(002).jpgStudents who struggle with literacy and numeracy, or who have a disability or learning difficulty, will suffer the most if Malcolm Turnbull scraps Gonski funding after 2017.

The finding comes from a survey of principals across Australia which found that 90 per cent of principals whose schools received Gonski funding reported it was making a ‘significant difference’ to their schools.

However only 19 per cent said the funding received so far was enough to meet the needs of all their students – and were concerned many students would continue to miss out if funding was stopped.

Resource shortages hurt kids

writing.jpgNew international data has shown Australian schools are significantly under-resourced and this is affecting student performance.

The latest PISA and TIMSS figures show that more than half of Australian students are in schools where maths and science teaching are affected by a lack of resources.

What’s worse is that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to be affected, with the most disadvantaged six times more likely to be in schools with shortages of qualified teachers or support staff.

Send Malcolm a Message

Quality_education.jpgIt’s crunch time for Gonski and we need you to send Malcolm Turnbull a message that he must not deny schools the extra resources they need.

We know Gonski funding is lifting results for students but Malcolm Turnbull has chosen to ignore the evidence and push ahead with his plan to deny disadvantaged schools and students the help they need after 2017.

If he succeeds, students who need help at school won’t be able to get it.

All aboard for Gonski

bus_2a.jpgThe Gonski campaign will step up tomorrow with the launch of a national bus tour aimed at getting the message to the community that Gonski is getting results, and that our kids can’t afford Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts.

It's crunch time for Gonski with a decision expected in April on whether the funding will continue beyond this year.

We need to remind Mr Turnbull that properly funding our schools is vital for Australia’s future and has strong community support.

Gonski Gets Results

smiling_kids.jpgThere are thousands of Gonski success stories in schools and now 24 of them have been collected in a new report showing how Gonski funding is delivering tangible results and changing students’ lives.

The evidence in Getting Results: Gonski Funding in Australian Schools 2 report clearly demonstrates the success of Gonski – even though the bulk of the funding schools need is yet to be delivered.

The growing evidence in favour of Gonski is so strong that Malcolm Turnbull can only be ignoring it because he has no interest in supporting the schools with the highest numbers of students who need extra help.

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