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Gonski supporting diversity

By Kevin Pope
Principal, Meadow Heights Primary School

Victoria has got its Gonski funding at last and I’m excited about the difference it’ll make at our school.

Gonski recognises what principals know: that different schools have different needs and that not all children start school at the same level.

First Gonski funding for Victoria

GonskiHands.jpgVictorian schools will finally begin getting their Gonski funding from 2016, the Andrews Government has announced.

This move is a major breakthrough for Victorian schools but is only the first step in ensuring they get the resources they need to give all students a quality education.

Targeting disadvantage in SA


Peter McKay
Principal of Paralowie R-12 School, South Australia

As a school with students from a range of backgrounds and abilities, and a limited budget, we know how hard it is to give each student an education that recognises their strengths and weaknesses.

The first year of Gonski funding has shown we can turn resources into results. If we can get the full six years of increased funding we will be able to deliver more improvement for more of our students.

Gonski can deliver opportunity


Matt O'Hanlon
Principal of Beenleigh High School, Brisbane

I want my school to be the best school possible for the local kids and increased Gonski funding will help us achieve that.

Sometimes our area has less than positive publicity so our staff recognise the challenge to ensure the potential of our kids is realised.


Gonski campaign steps up

Coordinators_280_x_280.jpegWe know that Gonski funding is a once-in-a-generation chance to deliver greater equity in schools funding and real improvements for schools across Australia.

We also know that we will only be successful in our campaign if we make State and Federal Governments know that Gonski has too much community support to ignore.

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