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NT Govt gives cuts not Gonski

NTRemote.pngNew evidence shows that the Northern Territory Government has cut funding to its most disadvantaged schools and failed to pass on its Gonski funding in 2014.

It has cut per student funding by an average of 6.4%, with the biggest cuts hitting public schools in remote areas, and has removed 330 full-time teachers from its public schools.

Northern Territory students should have been big winners from Gonski. The Territory has high numbers of low-SES students, high numbers of Indigenous students and high numbers of schools in remote areas.

Amazing results with Gonski

Eagleby_State_018.jpgBy Andrew Barnes, principal of Eagleby South State School

If you want proof that Gonski funding can deliver results, and deliver them quickly, then you only need to visit our school.

The progress that our staff and school community have made in lifting attendance, motivation and basic skills at a low-SES school in recent years has been amazing.

We could not have done it without needs-based Gonski funding which recognised the obvious – that we have challenges that you don’t get at a “leafy green” school.

Gonski spreading opportunity

Easel.jpgBy Garry Carter, principal of Casino Public School, NSW

What price can we put on giving students from disadvantaged backgrounds the help they need to succeed at school?

When you have a parent come up to you in the playground, crying because her son is reading for the first time, you know that the price is worth paying.

Gonski funding has delivered huge improvements at Casino Public School. It is giving students skills and confidence they will carry for the rest of their lives.

Next PM must back Gonski

Still_-_TV_ad_2016.jpgWe don’t know who will form Government after Saturday’s election – but we know that the election has delivered no mandate for scrapping Gonski funding.

Polling shows that Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to end needs-based Gonski funding to schools after 2017 was clearly a major factor in the Coalition’s drop in support.

Whoever is Prime Minister needs to implement the six years of Gonski funding in full – and the Gonski campaign will keep fighting to make sure that happens.

Three things voters must know

Election_choice_280_x_280.jpgThis election is crucial for the future of our schools.

We need you to vote for Gonski, and let your friends and family know the huge difference Gonski resources will make to our schools.

Schools need investment, they don’t need Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts.

Failing to deliver the full Gonski is failing our kids. Without resources schools won’t be able to offer the programs their students need, and that will hurt Australia in the long run.

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