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Disadvantaged kids need Gonski

gonskikids2.jpgWe know Gonski is delivering results and new research has confirmed the importance of the full six years of Gonski funding to help disadvantaged students.

How else do we address the fact that one-in-five children arrives at school not ready to learn, and that these children are more likely to be from disadvantaged backgrounds?


NSW schools get 2016 Gonski

NSWGonski.jpgNSW schools will be able to provide more opportunities and support for their students after the State Government today released the school-by-school amounts for Gonski funding in 2016.

The $113 million in extra funding will go straight to schools and build on the additional $97 million delivered in 2015 and the additional $100 million delivered in 2014.

Gonski is improving literacy


By Matthew Plummer
Principal of Bennett Road Public School

All children deserve to leave primary school with solid literacy skills because without those they will struggle to benefit from further education.

I am the Principal of a school in Western Sydney where Gonski has made a positive difference by letting us target investment in literacy instruction for our students.

QLD gets more Gonski in 2016

QLD.jpgQueensland schools will be able to deliver more for their students, with increases in Gonski funding to go straight to schools next year.

Under the “Investing for Success” program, schools now know how much extra they will get in 2016 and can plan how to use these extra resources to benefit students.

Gonski is creating opportunities


Principal, Evans River K-12 School

Our goal at Evans River K-12 is to give our students opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge they will need for life.

Schools in isolated regional areas like ours have a big challenge to deliver the same opportunities to students as those in cities or wealthier areas. Gonski funding is helping us close that gap and give our students the same opportunities for success.

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