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States expose Gonski loss


Analysis by state and territory governments has made it clear Malcolm Turnbull’s new schools funding model will short change disadvantaged schools and students by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Despite Malcolm Turnbull’s claims that his replacement for Gonski will deliver needs-based funding, he cannot guarantee that schools will reach the Schooling Resource Standard the Gonski Review recommended.

State governments want the federal government to honour the full six years of the Gonski agreements, and it becomes clear why when you see how much their schools are set to miss out on.

Turnbull's Gonski Con

Girl_writing.pngMalcolm Turnbull clearly understands that schools funding is a vital issue, and one where his plan to scrap Gonski has little public support.

That’s why he has come out today with a new funding model which he claims will fix the alleged problems with Gonski.

Unfortunately, a quick look at the detail shows that his plan won’t deliver needs-based funding, and won’t give schools the resources they need.

It’s a case of policy on the run and a poor substitute for the Gonski agreements, which are already lifting results in our schools, and provide a path to lift all schools to a minimum resource standard.

How you can Tweet for Gonski

Tweetathon2017a.jpgThe next few weeks is when the future of Gonski will be decided.

We need to do everything we can to keep the pressure on Malcolm Turnbull to fund Gonski in full, as we head towards the Federal Budget and the vital COAG meeting with state premiers on June 9th.

Next Tuesday, May 2nd, were holding the I Give a Gonski campaign’s pre-Budget Tweetathon. From 6.30-8.30pm we need as many people as possible to tweet their support for Gonski and tell Malcolm Turnbull he must fund it in full.

If you are on twitter, we need you to take the time to tweet Malcolm a message and tell him how Gonski is working at your school.

Turnbull's funding failure

Smiling_teacher.jpgMalcolm Turnbull’s attempts to replace Gonski after 2017 have descended into farce and he has no alternative but to listen to the states and territories and fund Gonski in full.

In the 11 months since Malcolm Turnbull and his Education Minister Simon Birmingham announced they wanted to replace Gonski, they have produced no detail as to how their new model would work, and have not convinced a single state government to support it.

That means not a single school in Australia knows what its budget will be in 2018.

Schools fundraise for basics

reading_snake_book.jpgThe first three years of Gonski needs-based funding have made a huge difference to disadvantaged schools, but it’s clear there’s still a long way to go.

A new survey has exposed the reliance of schools on fundraising for necessities, as well as teachers working overtime and paying for school supplies out of their own pockets.

It’s not acceptable that schools are required to fundraise for everything from literacy and numeracy teachers to library books and computers.

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