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Gonski Review hamstrung

smiling_students.jpgThe second Gonski Review runs the risk of being hamstrung by the decision of the Federal Government to prevent it from considering school funding.

The Review, which will again be chaired by business leader, David Gonski, has been established to look at strategies to improve educational outcomes. It will report in March next year.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham said the Review panel would not consider school funding levels because they had already been determined in the Turnbull Government’s controversial plan finalised last month.

Australian Education Union Federal President Correna Haythorpe said the Federal Government should reconsider the decision to stop the panel looking at funding.

Turnbull’s disability cuts

sidepony.jpgThe Turnbull school funding plan is bad news for children with a disability with cuts in funding for public schools in five states and territories next year.

The cuts will make it harder for schools and students already affected by the chronic lack of resourcing in this area.

Tasmanian public schools will be hit hardest with a 44% cut in funding next year followed by a 37% decrease in the Northern Territory.

Turnbull plan becomes law

Boothby_polling_booth_signs.jpgThe Federal Government’s school funding plan passed through Parliament last night.

What it means for schools is billions less in funding over the next few years and the end of the signed Gonski agreements.

But the news is not quite as bad as it could be with the Turnbull Government forced to agree to significant last-minute improvements in the Senate.

Here is a summary of the most important changes:

Five things you must know

five_things.jpgThere is a lot of confusion and misinformation around what the Turnbull Government is proposing for schools.

While the government says it is investing more and delivering what the Gonski Review recommended, the reality is very different.

With the Senate due to consider the Turnbull plan in the next few weeks, here are five important things you must know.

How Gonski cuts hurt kids

looking_at_ipad.jpgIf Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to Gonski funding become law, principals say the children most affected will be those who need the most help to succeed at school.

The Gonski campaign has heard hundreds of stories of how schools are lifting results with the extra funding they have received so far. But they often come with a warning: that only some students are benefiting, and others are still missing out.

Principals say they won’t be able to expand and build on the great things that Gonski funding has allowed them to do.

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