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Resources drive revolution

reading_book_2.jpgBy Michael Muscat

Principal, Kambrya College

It’s the million dollar question – how do you turn around a school that is underperforming?

There’s no easy answer to this beyond saying that takes years of hard work and patience from the entire school leadership team, teaching and support staff of a school. It needs a shared vision and the approach taken to achieve this will vary from school to school according to their circumstances.

I would like to share some lessons my school has learned on this topic, which can be summarised in one sentence: Investment gets results.

Doorknock makes a difference

Hanae.jpgBy Hanae Honda and Tim Hanlon

When people get the Gonski message from educators, parents or volunteers in their community, it really sinks in.

That’s why we’ve been running Gonski Doorknocks in target seats – and are preparing for a final one just before the election.

Our doorknock volunteers have loved the experience and the reaction they get. They say there’s a real hunger for information about Gonski and that people are “staggered” when they learn about the impact of Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts.

Gonski Ads tackle Turnbull's cuts

TURNBULL_CUTS.pngThe Gonski campaign will step up this week with new TV ads in Tasmania and the Northern Territory exposing Malcolm Turnbull’s double blow to public schools in those States.

The Coalition’s alternative to Gonski will mean less funding for all schools after 2017, and will actually deliver disastrous cuts to public schools in those States.

Doorknock for Gonski

Gonski_Doorknock.jpgWe have a clear choice on July 2nd between investing in our schools and our children’s future and Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to stop Gonski funding.

You know how important it is to fund our schools properly and we need your help to spread the word and let others know.

This election is make or break for Gonski. We need to do everything we can to make sure voters know what’s at stake.

What Turnbull will cost schools

kids_in_beanies.jpgNew figures show the cost of Malcom Turnbull’s decision to stop Gonski funding after 2017.

We now know the amount that each federal electorate will lose if schools don’t get the full six years of Gonski funding which Labor and the Greens have promised.

Every single electorate of Australia’s electorates will lose school funding. Regardless of where you live, your local schools will have less resources.

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