Calling Coalition MPs

Thanks for agreeing to make the call.

You can find out the number of your Federal Coalition MP here.

Remember if you are in a Labor federal electorate, call the Prime Minister’s office on 02 6277 7700

Calling a Coalition MP

1. Let the staff know who you are, where you are from and what you want to talk to the MP about.

2. If you get through to the MP let them know why you feel so strongly about Gonski funding. Don’t think you have to be an expert or know all the fine detail about Gonski funding. It is your own view that is important – why this issue matters to you personally and why you want to see the funding in the budget.

3. If the MP is unavailable just leave a message about why Gonski matters.

4. MPs will talk a lot about statistics, “record funding” and schools continuing to get more funding. Just be clear that the question you want answered is: Does the MP support Gonski and will they stand up for local kids and ask Malcolm Turnbull to deliver the full funding?

Remember to let us know how the call goes via this feedback page.

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