Country kids and Gonski

teaching_moment.jpgCountry kids have been the big winners so far under the Gonski school funding arrangements.

The needs-based funding, which started in 2014, is being used by schools in ways that make a real difference:

  • Reducing class sizes

  • Providing individual support for kids struggling with literacy and numeracy

  • Improving the training of teachers

  • Providing more specialist support like speech pathologists

Read some great examples of how schools are using the funding to lift student results here.

The funding needs to be delivered in full to ensure country schools are properly resourced.

But Malcolm Turnbull wants to stop this funding after this year, leaving country schools millions short of the resources needed to properly educate all kids.

Click here to find out how much schools in your local federal electorate will miss out on.

Country kids need this funding to be delivered in full.

Please register your support for the full funding here.

You can also watch the video below and hear what parents are saying about the difference the funding is making.

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