Gonski funding and students with disability

smiles.jpgStudents with disability deserve the same chance to learn and be part of school life as other students.

But research shows that schools receive dedicated funding for less than half the students with disability  who require additional support.

That means over there is no dedicated funding for over 270,000 children with disability.

As a result:

  • 84% of principals say they have to assist students with disability from other areas of their budget because the students are ineligible for funding or the amount delivered is not enough.

  • 79 per cent say overall they do not have sufficient resources to meet the needs of students with disability (AEU Principals and Staff Survey 2015)

The Turnbull Government must deliver

The Coalition Government promised to extend Gonski funding to all children with disability initially from 2015 and then from 2016. The Government’s commitment was to fund all students with disability on the same basis for the first time.

But it has failed to deliver.

That means children with disability across Australia continue to miss out on the support they need.

What’s worse is that the Turnbull Government wants to stop Gonski funding for all children after this year.

We need to send a message to the Federal Government that they must keep their promise and take the lead in ensuring students with disability don’t keep missing out. States and Territories must also commit to properly resourcing our schools.

You can read more about what the Turnbull Government promised and why this funding is so urgently needed in this blog post.

Please register your support for Gonski funding and help all students, including those with disability, to get the education they deserve.

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