How you can Tweet for Gonski

Tweetathon2017a.jpgThe next few weeks is when the future of Gonski will be decided.

We need to do everything we can to keep the pressure on Malcolm Turnbull to fund Gonski in full, as we head towards the Federal Budget and the vital COAG meeting with state premiers on June 9th.

Next Tuesday, May 2nd, were holding the I Give a Gonski campaign’s pre-Budget Tweetathon. From 6.30-8.30pm we need as many people as possible to tweet their support for Gonski and tell Malcolm Turnbull he must fund it in full.

If you are on twitter, we need you to take the time to tweet Malcolm a message and tell him how Gonski is working at your school.

He needs to understand that investing $3.8 billion to ensure all schools have the resources they need will deliver far more for Australia in the future than his plan for $48 billion of company tax cuts.

We need to tell him that losing Gonski now would be a disaster. We know the funding is working, but many schools still don’t have the resources to support every child. They need the full six years of extra resources so that every child who needs help can get it.

Make your tweets as personal as you can and tell Malcolm Turnbull why we need the full six years of Gonski. Let him know what’s happening at your school, and how students are already benefiting.

Don’t forget to use the #gonski hashtag and the twitter handle @turnbullmalcolm in your tweets.

If you’re not on twitter, we still need you to keep the pressure on Malcolm Turnbull and let him know that Gonski matters to you.

Here’s a few things you can do straightaway to send a message to Malcolm Turnbull.

The battle for Gonski is not over. Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to end Gonski is opposed by every single state and territory government, who want him to honour the full six-year funding deals signed in 2013.

Malcolm Turnbull has said he wants the states to agree to a new funding model which scraps Gonski at the June 9th COAG meeting.

If he succeeds this would mean the thousands of schools which are using Gonski funding to benefit their students, through smaller classes, more in-class support and extra programs, would be unable to maintain or extend those programs.

He has still not provided details of his new schools funding model would work, and not a single school knows how much funding it will get from 2018.

But stripping $3.8 billion in promised funding would mean most schools would never get the resources they need to give every child a quality education and provide extra support to children who need it.

Malcolm Turnbull is happy for some kids to miss out on help that could change their lives.

We need to take every opportunity to let him know that his plan to scrap Gonski after 2017 will deny Australian children the resources they need for a quality education, and leave our country poorer in the long-term.

It’s not too late for him to change his mind, and deliver the funding our schools need.

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