Tell the politicians – we want the full Gonski!

Right now, we have a great opportunity to tell the Abbott Government that we want to see Gonski delivered, in full, to every state and territory.

Please send a quick submission to the Senate Inquiry that has just been set up to look into Gonski via the form below.

The Inquiry is looking at whether or not the promised money has started getting to schools, and how it will be used.  It will also look at whether schools have the long-term security of funding they need, given the Abbott Government has only agreed to provide less than one third of the total funding.

This is a chance for us to insist that the politicians deliver Gonski in full.  Your submission need not be long - just make it clear to the politicians the difference that extra funding would make in your local schools.  Here's a handy one page guide to help.

Use this tool* to find what a local school in your community would get through extra Gonski funding.  Make reference to that school as a way to localise your submission.  If you are a teacher and/or you have school-aged children, you can look up your school.

* These Gillard Government calculations are a useful indicator, but will not be the exact amount your state or territory government will deliver, due to different local funding models as determined by state and territory governments.

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