National Gonski Week 2016

AEU069-Gonski-Week-Tile-REV-960x960_(2).jpgNational Gonski Week starts on June 19 and we need you to get involved.

With the election only a week later, it is vital we all get active to let people know how much is at stake.

We will add events and activities as they are confirmed.

Here are seven things that you can do:

1. Doorknock for Gonski. Join in our national doorknock in marginal seats on June 19 and June 26. It is our last one before the election and we need everybody who can make it to join us.

2. Rally for Gonski. Show your support at an election rally.

3. Share our election choice video with your friends on facebook. Let them know their vote matters.

4. Organise a meeting or morning tea at your school to raise awareness about the election choice. Download a poster to advertise it and play the election choice video along with one with parents and a student talking about the difference the funding has made.

5. Share our election choice graphic on facebook. It is simple but effective.

6. Let people know you are voting for the full Gonski – take a picture with this poster and post it on our facebook page. We will put together an album of all the pics.

7. Hand out this fact sheet at your school.

Taking action will help us secure the full funding that our kids need and stop Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to cut the funding.

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