NSW schools get 2016 Gonski

NSWGonski.jpgNSW schools will be able to provide more opportunities and support for their students after the State Government today released the school-by-school amounts for Gonski funding in 2016.

The $113 million in extra funding will go straight to schools and build on the additional $97 million delivered in 2015 and the additional $100 million delivered in 2014.

That means schools will be able to continue or expand the programs they have put in place to benefit students – things like smaller class sizes, extra literacy and numeracy programs, speech pathologists or more professional development for teachers.

To see what your school is getting click here. 

The table shows the total funding delivered through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM) along with the change in Gonski funding for 2016 and the three year total of Gonski funding. Please note changes to student need and enrolments will have an impact on funding. Some schools also received significant funding from other equity programs which have finished or are due to finish and so their overall funding may not yet have increased.

Delivering this funding is another important step in lifting all NSW schools to the resources standard they need to be able to give all students a quality education.

But we will need the federal government to back the NSW Government’s efforts and deliver the full six years of Gonski funding.

If they fail to do so that would mean a shortfall of $1.2 billion across the school system in NSW alone, with $944 million of that taken from public schools.

This would be a terrible outcome given the great stories of the improved results that Gonski funding is already delivering.

Gonski already making a difference

For example Bennett Road Public School in western Sydney is using Gonski funding to improve the reading and writing skills of its youngest students – setting them up to succeed academically for the rest of their school careers.

The school has put extra books in every class, increased one-on-one support programs, and brought in an Instructional Leader to improve teaching quality. This has already seen a jump in NAPLAN scores for its Year 3s.

At Evans River K-12, a school in regional NSW, they are using Gonski funding to increase academic, employment and extra-curricular opportunities for its students.

Students are getting more opportunities through literacy programs, individual tutoring support, a new music program and the “Waratah Award” outdoor and leadership program.

These stories are being repeated across the State, as schools use Gonski funding to unlock the potential of their students.

“The success stories I am hearing in schools are incredible.” NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli

Malcolm Turnbull must support the full six years

We need to keep campaigning to make sure that both the Federal Government follows the example of their NSW counterparts and commits to the vital fifth and six years of Gonski (2018 and 2019) when the majority of the extra funding is due.

New PM Malcolm Turnbull has the chance to change tack and overturn Tony Abbott’s refusal to honour the last two years of the Gonski agreements.

For students who are waiting for literacy and numeracy support, or assistance with a disability and for schools struggling with tight budgets that can’t support every student that needs it, this money is essential.

We need the full six years of Gonski to build on the success we have seen so far, and make sure all schools in NSW have the resources they need.

If you want to get involved in supporting the campaign during Gonski Week (Oct 26- Nov 1)  and tell Malcolm Turnbull why Gonski matters click here for details.

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