Our Success

Working together teachers, parents, principals and community members are making a difference.

Our community campaign started in July 2012 and has grown bigger every month.

We have emailed, called and visited politicians across the country, held community rallies and meetings, letterboxed local communities, advertised on TV, radio and online and taken every opportunity to tell people why they need to give a Gonski.

That effort helped secure Gonski agreements between the Commonwealth and South Australia, NSW, the ACT, Tasmania and Victoria last year.

Those six year agreements will deliver an additional $10 billion investment in schools. Each government is committed to ensuring that money is delivered according to student need.

The funding is starting to flow to schools for the first time in 2014.

It will help schools better meet the individual needs of students by doing things like:

  • Putting in place specialist literacy and numeracy programs for those students in danger of being left behind
  • Providing greater assistance and support for students with disabilities or special needs
  • Employing more teachers and teachers’ aides to make classes smaller, and to give more one on one attention and support for students
  • Building the skills and knowledge of teachers and allow the most experienced ones to mentor and support those who are new to the profession
More work to be done

Too many children are still missing out on the education they need due to a lack of resources. In 2014 we need your help to:

  • Get the Abbott Government to fund the full six year Gonski agreements rather than providing less than one third of the money
  • Ensure that QLD, WA and the NT distribute the Gonski funding they receive to schools according to student need
  • Make sure the Abbott Government honours its commitment to provide the additional Gonski money for students with disabilities which is due to start in 2015
Join the campaign today by registering your support.

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