SA schools get Gonski in 2016

ParalowiePetermcKayv2.pngGreat news for schools in South Australia – with the State Government releasing the  school-by-school amounts of extra Gonski funding for 2016.

SA has made a $31 million commitment of extra funding which will lead to more support and opportunities for students.

This is the third year of Gonski funding to be delivered to schools in South Australia, lifting more disadvantaged schools closer to the level of resources they need.

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We are already seeing schools in South Australia being able to use their extra funding to deliver improved results for their students, and to plan for the future.

The South Australian Government must be congratulated for the transparent way it’s delivering Gonski, and for its commitment to fund its share of the full six years, regardless of what the Federal Government does.

Sadly, if the Federal Government fails to fund the final two years of Gonski this will mean $335 million less for South Australian schools, even with the State Government’s contribution.

We can only give every student the support they need if all schools are properly resourced – and that means the full six years of funding Gonski recommended.

How Gonski is already working in SA

Paralowie R-12 School  is one school with high levels of need which has used its Gonski funding to deliver immediate improvement in results, with a particular focus on students with disability and learning difficulties.

The school has been able to use its funding to reduce class sizes for these students and provide extra support which has increased their literacy and academic achievement.

Principal Peter McKay says there is “a lot of uncertainty around Gonski’s future – and it’s essential that we get the full six years, so that we can make the changes the school needs.”

Cowandilla Primary School is another which has been using its Gonski funding to improved numeracy through targeted programs.

The school will be able to build on its success next year and continue providing opportunities for disadvantaged students.

Bi-partisan support is essential

We need to keep campaigning to ensure that there is bi-partisan federal support for the full six years of Gonski, and that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull commits to funding Gonski in full, so that all schools can reach the resource standard they need to educate all their students.

We are already seeing Gonski making a difference in South Australian schools but we need the full six years to be able to build on that success.

For students who need help with literacy or numeracy, or speech therapy, or support for their disability or learning difficulty, this funded is urgently needed. Schools need the certainty of knowing how much funding they’ll be getting over the next six years.

Gonski funding is an investment in Australia’s future and we need all politicians to recognise that and give our schools the funding they need.


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