Senate Submission

A Senate inquiry has been established into the Gonski school funding arrangements.

The inquiry will look at whether or not the promised money has started getting to schools in all states and territories, and how it will be used.

If you would like to make an individual submission, click here.  Otherwise, submissions on behalf of schools can be made on this page.

It will also look at whether schools have the long term security of funding they need, given the Abbott Government has only agreed to provide less than one third of the total funding

The inquiry is a critical opportunity for you to tell the Senate committee exactly what you would do with the full 6 years of additional resources – how the funding would assist you to better meet the learning needs of your students, to lift achievement levels and improve the skills and knowledge of teachers.

By putting these things in a submission you will make it clear to the politicians the difference this funding would make for your students (current and future) and why this once in a generation investment must be delivered in full, to every public school.

If you would like to find out more about the Senate inquiry you can do that here.

If you would like an idea of the size of increase for your school, you can find the Gillard Government’s calculation for your school here. (While this is a useful indicator, it will not be the exact amount your state or territory government will deliver, due to different local funding models).

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