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Quality_education.jpgIt’s crunch time for Gonski and we need you to send Malcolm Turnbull a message that he must not deny schools the extra resources they need.

We know Gonski funding is lifting results for students but Malcolm Turnbull has chosen to ignore the evidence and push ahead with his plan to deny disadvantaged schools and students the help they need after 2017.

If he succeeds, students who need help at school won’t be able to get it.

Malcolm Turnbull wants a new deal to be signed with the states and territories in the first half of this year – that means the future of Gonski funding could be decided in the next few months.

Losing Gonski now would be a disaster. We know the funding is working, but many schools still don’t have the resources to support every child.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to explain to schools and parents why he is happy for some kids to miss out on help that could change their lives.

State governments are doing the right thing and have said they will not accept the scrapping of Gonski needs-based funding.

We need you to keep the pressure on Malcolm Turnbull by letting him know that Gonski is working in our schools and that we need the full six years.

Here’s what you can do right now:

  1. Send a message to Mr Turnbull via his website. Let him know why Gonski funding is so important and why he should abandon his plan to cut it.
  2. Print a copy of our Message to Malcolm poster, add your message and get your photo taken. You can load the photo on the Gonski facebook page or put it on your own page and tag @MalcolmTurnbull
  3. Tweet @TurnbullMalcolm and let him know you want a Prime Minister who gives a Gonski for our kids. Add your Message to Malcolm photo if you have one.

If you want evidence Gonski is working, check out our new Success Stories page. It’s full of stories of schools which have lifted results with Gonski.

But this is just the start.

Two-thirds of the extra funding schools need is due to be delivered in the final two years. Most schools still haven’t reached the Schooling Resource Standard and if Malcolm Turnbull gets his way, they never will.

Malcolm Turnbull’s plan for a new schools funding system is already in chaos, with state governments and private school peak bodies saying he has left it too late to negotiate a system that starts in 2018.

He still can’t tell us how much funding a single school will get next year, or how resources will be distributed.

All we know is that he wants to end needs-based funding and fail to honour the Gonski agreements which would see schools deprived of $3.8 billion in resources in 2018 and 2019 alone.

We need to tell Malcolm that his priorities are wrong, and that Australia needs a properly-funded school system, not the $50 billion in tax cuts he wants to give to businesses.

Every supporter can make a difference at this crucial time. Send your message to Malcolm and let him know why Gonski matters.

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