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If we want the full Gonski then we need to make our voices heard before this year’s Budget. We need to speak out and tell politicians why Gonski funding is vital for our schools and our kids.

Malcolm Turnbull has so far failed to match Labor’s commitment to fund the full six years of Gonski and invest an extra $4.5 billion in our schools in 2018 and 2019.

With an election only months away it is make-or-break for Gonski and the extra resources our children need at school.

The Gonski campaign is working to build support for Gonski in marginal seats across Australia – the seats where the election will be won and lost.

This week, from April 26-29th we will be targeting Coalition MPs directly.

Your MP’s job is to listen to you and represent your concerns. They need to know how important Gonski funding is to local schools, and what they could do with increased resources.

If you live in a marginal Coalition electorate we need you to call your MP and tell them why Gonski matters to you, and why Malcolm Turnbull needs to fund it in full.

If you don’t live in a Coalition seat we need you to call Malcolm Turnbull’s office and leave a message for him.

Local MPs need to get the message that so they can let Malcolm Turnbull know that Gonski is a major issue in the upcoming election.

If you’ve never called your MP before here’s a few pointers.

  1. Let the staff know who you are, where you are from and what you want to talk to the MP about.
  2. If you get through to the MP tell them why you feel so strongly about Gonski funding. Don’t think you have to be an expert or know all the fine detail about Gonski funding. It is your own view that is important – why this issue matters to you personally and why you want to see the funding in the budget. If the MP is unavailable just leave a message about why Gonski matters.
  3. MPs will talk a lot about statistics, “record funding” and schools continuing to get more funding. Just be clear that the question you want answered is: Do they support Gonski and will they stand up for local kids and ask Malcolm Turnbull to deliver the full funding?

Below are the list of electorates our campaign is targeting, the names of the local MPs and their office numbers. If you live in one of these electorates give them a call between now and Friday April 29th

If you are not in one of the electorates below, we want you to call Malcolm Turnbull directly on (02) 6277 7700.

Banks: David Coleman on (02) 9771 3400

Bonner: Ross Vasta on (07) 3893 3488

Corangamite: Sarah Henderson on (03) 5243 1444

Deakin: Michael Sukkar on (03) 9874 1711

Dobell: Karen McNamara on (02) 4351 0837

Eden-Monaro: Peter Hendy on (02) 6284 3977

Forde: Bert van Manen on (07) 3807 6340

Gilmore: Ann Sudmalis on (02) 4423 1782

Hindmarsh: Matt Williams on (08) 8376 9000

Lindsay: Fiona Scott on (02) 4731 3700

Longman: Wyatt Roy MP on (07) 5432 3177

Macquarie: Louise Markus MP on (02) 4577 2631

Page: Kevin Hogan MP for Page on (02) 6621 4044

Reid: Craig Laundy MP for Reid on (02) 9715 7444

Swan: Steve Irons MP for Swan on (08) 9355 0099

Every call will make a difference, and makes it harder for Malcolm Turnbull to ignore the importance of giving our children the schools they deserve.

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