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AEU_IGAG_Phone_Your_Premier_v03_Facebook.jpgGonski needs-based funding is delivering great results in our schools, but its future is at risk from Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts.

Our state and territory leaders need to stand up for needs-based funding and tell Turnbull that cuts to Gonski are not acceptable.

If we lose Gonski, our schools will miss out on $3.8 billion in extra resources in 2018 and 2019 alone.

They will not be able to build on the success they are achieving, and students will miss out on the smaller classes, one-to-one support and extra literacy and numeracy programs they need.

Because Gonski funding is based on need, it will be our most disadvantaged schools and students who are hurt the most.

Most state and territory leaders have said they support Gonski and won’t accept cuts, but we need to keep reminding them how important Gonski is for our schools, and that we expect them to fight for needs-based funding.

The I Give A Gonski campaign needs our supporters to speak up for disadvantaged schools.

We need you to join other Gonski supporters in phoning your Premier or Chief Minister on Wednesday, November 23rd, to tell them how important properly funding our schools is for you.

It’s easy to register to call and you don’t have to be a school funding expert to make a difference – you just need to tell your story.

Click here to register – we’ll send you details of how to call and some ideas about what to say before the 23rd.

Politicians take notice of members of the public who take the time to ring and explain why an issue is important to them.

Premiers must stand firm

The next COAG meeting, between Prime Minister Turnbull and state and territory leaders, is scheduled for December 9th and that schools funding will be on the agenda.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham has said that he expects the new funding deal will be finalised by the following COAG meeting in the first half of 2017.

This is a chance for the states and territories to unite in support of Gonski and say ‘No’ to Turnbull’s cuts.

The Coalition has said they will renegotiate funding with the states and territories but has not given any details of how the new funding model will work.

Any redistribution of funding between the states ignores the fact that all states are currently below the Schooling Resource Standard that the Gonski Review recommended.

The new deal will also see 62 per cent of extra federal funding go to private schools – despite their lower levels of need.

Gonski supporters should be heartened by the fact that the majority of state governments have spoken out against cuts – saying they will not accept a new deal that ends needs-based funding.

But we need to keep reminding state leaders of how important Gonski is, and how much support it has in the community.

Our polling during the election campaign found that 63% of Australians preferred investing in Gonski to the company tax cuts that Malcolm Turnbull was offering.

A poll conducted by The Australia Institute immediately after the election found that 64% of voters wanted the Senate to block any cuts to Gonski

Keeping Gonski is vital if we want to make sure every child that needs help at school can get it.

But it’s only going to happen if our supporters stand up and let politicians know they need to deliver the resources our schools need.

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