TV ad campaign to spread Gonski message

still-kid-with-hand-up.jpgWinning bipartisan support for the full six years of Gonski funding is our top priority.

It’s an election year and we need to ensure that schools have the right resources they need for our kids – now and in the future.

That’s why we are running a major ad campaign to let Australians know that Gonski funding is getting results.

We are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to end his plans to stop Gonski funding after 2017, and to match Labor’s commitment to delivering the full funding.

Watch our new advertisement

Every child who needs help at school should be able to get it, and that’s what Gonski funding is doing.

Failing to fund Gonski in full means Malcolm Turnbull will be failing our kids, and we can’t let that happen.

Gonski has huge grassroots support which is getting bigger every day as more people learn about the great things Gonski funding is doing.

But we need to send our message out to as many people as possible to really put the pressure on our politicians

We know that Gonski funding is lifting results and helping kids, and we are running this ad campaign because we want Australians to know too.

This new phase of our campaign means we’ll need your help more than ever.

Getting active in local communities

Advertising is important but the core of our campaign is supporters who are active in schools and in the community.

We are campaigning on the ground in marginal seats across Australia because we know these are the areas politicians pay attention to.

We’re holding a doorknock in marginal seats on March 13th and 20th and we need you to get involved. Every conversation our supporters have about Gonski is another chance to get our message across.

The future of Gonski funding beyond 2017 is in the balance.

If we don’t get the full six years students in disadvantaged schools will miss out on the support they need to succeed.

Funding our schools properly, and making sure all our kids get the skills they need for work, is an investment in Australia’s future.

There is strong grassroots support for Gonski. We just need all our politicians to back it.

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