What Turnbull will cost schools

kids_in_beanies.jpgNew figures show the cost of Malcom Turnbull’s decision to stop Gonski funding after 2017.

We now know the amount that each federal electorate will lose if schools don’t get the full six years of Gonski funding which Labor and the Greens have promised.

Every single electorate of Australia’s electorates will lose school funding. Regardless of where you live, your local schools will have less resources.

These figures have been released by Labor and show the damage that would be done to schools under Malcolm Turnbull’s funding plan.

Here’s the table which shows you how much schools in your area will miss out on in 2018 and 2019 alone.

Too many students would miss out on the smaller classes, literacy and numeracy programs and one-to-one support that Gonski is already providing.

These are things we know are already making a difference, as shown by the AEU’s new Gonski: Getting Results report which profiles 24 schools who are lifting student achievement with Gonski funding.

Hitting disadvantaged students hardest

The final two years of the Gonski in 2018 and 2019 are when two-thirds of the extra funding is to be delivered, including much of the funding targeted to disadvantaged schools.

Because the final two years of funding contain big increased to disadvantaged schools the losses are not spread evenly across Australia.

The electorate which will lose most is Lingiari in the NT – a remote area with high numbers of Aboriginal students.

Other regional electorates will be hard hit as will suburban electorates with high rates of poverty.

It’s a stark reminder of Malcolm Turnbull’s priorities.

Last week’s Budget confirmed that Malcolm Turnbull has no plan for education beyond scrapping Gonski after 2017.

He has shown he has no commitment to fairness or to disadvantaged students. His priorities have been tax cuts for companies and higher income earners.

Despite his claims that he wants to encourage innovation, he does not seem to realise that innovation means every student needs to get a quality education

Doubts over Coalition’s plan

While Mr Turnbull has promised some extra funding into schools after 2017, there is still no detail on which schools would benefit.

Answers at Senate Estimates last Friday showed that the Coalition wont’ say whether any State will be worse off as a result of its redistribution of funding.

Labor’s figures show that schools will receive $3.8 billion more in 2018 and 2019 under its plan to deliver the full Gonski, than under Malcolm Turnbull’s plan.

Malcolm Turnbull should be investing in our children’s future, not taking funding away from disadvantaged schools.

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