What Malcolm Turnbull would cost Victoria's schools

student_cluster.jpgVictorian schools have the most to lose if Malcolm Turnbull does not deliver the last two years of Gonski funding, with new data showing they would lose $1.1 billion in resources in 2018 and 2019.

The Victorian Government has released an analysis showing that the average school would lose $450-550,000 across 2018 and 2019 and some disadvantaged schools could lose as much as $ 2 million.

This is equal to 8000 teachers across the system and would ensure that many schools do not reach the minimum standard of resources needed to give all their students the support they need.

To find out what’s at risk at your school click here.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to decide if he will match Labor’s commitment to fund the last two years of the Gonski agreements in full, which would deliver an extra $4.5 billion investment in schools across Australia.

If he does not, then disadvantaged schools across Australia will not get the resources they need to properly educate all their students.

Victoria’s schools have the furthest to go before they reach the resources standard needed to properly educate all students and, due to inaction by the now-defeated Napthine Government, schools have only begun to receive their Gonski funding this year.

Victorian schools are now investing in smaller classes, more one-to-one support for students who need it, professional development and targeted literacy and numeracy programs – all of which will deliver benefits to students.

But they need the full six years of Gonski to ensure that every Victorian child who needs help at school can get it.

In States where the Gonski funding has been going directly to schools since 2014, such as NSW, QLD and SA, schools are seeing improvements in results, attendance and Year 12 retention.

It’s now up to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to decide whether he will back Gonski in full and offer bi-partisan support for proper funding for all Australian schools.

We also need Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to commit to funding the State’s share of the six year agreements, regardless of what happens at the federal level.

Funding our schools properly, and making sure all our kids get the skills they need for work, is an investment in Australia’s future.

We need all politicians to back the full six years of increased funding our schools need.

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